Photo Source: Arch. Paul Alcazaren

This is Ortigas Center! ZOMG!! Can you believe it?! Robinson’s Galleria and SM Megamall (in the background) in the making! It looks so clean and spacious. I see no pollution here, no flyovers, no pedestrian footbridges, no MRT, less skyscrapers. 

They should’ve built infrastructures for long term kasi. I mean, the flyovers right now in EDSA are watak watak, like in every major intersection lang. They should’ve made EDSA a highway not an “avenue” where EDSA before has east and west service lanes. A very long smart tunnel/subway will do or a FREEWAY (as in FREE with no tolls etc) with MRT in the middle. Organize BUS STATIONS (double-deck buses! OMG so that means the vertical clearance of the Freeway and every pedestrian footbridge should be like 5.5 -6 meters high? Is that enough? 

Oh well, I need to wake up! I can’t go back to the past. The only solution for the traffic in EDSA is to:

  • lessen the buses (I’m 99% sure they’re the #1 cause of traffic in EDSA, especially along Shaw, Ortigas Ave and Cubao) 
  • Add more trains in MRT
  • Asphalt EDSA :D (Free from lubak-lubak)

Those 3 lang naman. If malala parin ang traffic, pwedeng pasabugin ko buong EDSA? As in idedemolish lahat ng flyovers, MRT, pedestrian footbridges etc and gagawin ko yung sinabi ko sa 1st paragraph? Syempre nagjojoke lang ako HAHA! Pero if ever… So bale magkakaron ng 3 levels:

  • Subway - only 5 major stations for MRT (Monumento “kahit na LRT 1 yan” - North Ave - Ortigas - Makati - Moa). Road tunnels both directions 3 lanes each (2 lanes for off and on ramp - same 5 exits)
  • At grade section - typical EDSA with 6 lanes both directions + wide sidewalks, organize bus stops and stoplights in major intersections.
  • Freeway - 5 to 6 meter vertical clearance. 3 lanes both directions with 2 lanes for on/off ramp. There will also be 5 exits) MRT in the middle with 17 stations (including MOA station).

Malabo ata magnyare yan, (unless na magka-magnitude 10.0 earthquake sa Metro Manila) Ok joke lang ulet! Wag sana mangyare HAHAHAHA! =)) Basta unahin nila yung sinabi ko sa 3rd paragraph.

AND…. Mag-hire sila ng urban-planner para magawan ng paraan ang post-apocalyptic eerie feeling ng Metro Manila. Walang kaso sakin if the urban planner / architect / engineer came from a different country. It’s not that I don’t trust Filipino urban planners, we should also be open (like our eyes widely open, like my eyes LOL) that MAYBE their ideas are better or something like that. 

Ok.. masyado na ko naging madrama, lalo akong na-frustrate pag nakikita ko kalagayan ng Metro Manila ngayon. I should really thank na there are corporations na tinutulungan pagandahin ang Metro Manila like the malls, high-rise developments, offices etc :D

Next time talaga pag nakabili na ko ng windows computer, i3-3D ko lahat ng sinabi ko LOL

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