This may be long, but VERY interesting!

Fast forward to 1:18:49. The rendered face of the man in the Shroud of Turin (The Face of Jesus Christ, if you believe that it is “HIS FACE”) is really scaryyyyy!! Goose-bumps! Not as SCARY like a zombie from The Walking Dead or Shrek’s face LOL, I can’t explain it! Maybe the rendered part was too perfect and beautiful that made it look scary, and they added that dramatic dark background with blue light shade on the left part on the screen, ZOMG.

Ohh, and the way HE opened HIS eyes in that animation o_O —-> That really scared me to be honest! I was waiting for a horror sound effects or a devil in the background but none! haha. Although I kinda like the part in the tomb where there’s this burst of light emitting from the inside, then the body inside the shroud just vanishes, very dramatic depiction on how Jesus Christ could have resurrected. 

About the 14th Century “claim” from the 1980’s carbon dating, they should have chosen the burned parts of the shroud near the center instead of that corner part cause it has 13-14th century (LOL I forgot if it was cloth, but a material from that century) re-woven in it. 

Nobody (even with our advance technology and super-intelligent hardcore scientists LOL), as of this day knows how the image was formed. Their study shows no signs of paint, brush etc. which makes the believers believe that the shroud was formed miraculously.

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